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CRUISING ALASKA - A Guide to Alaskan Waters

June 15, 2015 By Lew Deitch


America's Most Isolated State Capital


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One of the most popular ports of call on the Alaska Panhandle cruise is Juneau, the capital city of Alaska. It is the third largest urban center in Alaska with just over 32,100 residents. Juneau is, however, the most isolated state capital in the entire nation. No other capital city lacks a highway connection to the outside world. Juneau can only be reached by air or sea.

It is also the only capital city in the nation that borders another country, as the city and borough limits reach to the crest of the mountains to the east that constitute the international boundary. But there is no physical connection with Canada. The city and borough also constitute the second largest corporate city in the nation, the largest being Sitka. Juneau is approximately 2.5 times larger in land area than the state of Rhode Island, yet it is only a city.

Juneau is located along the shores of the Gastineau Channel, which narrows to the north of the city center, making it impossible for ships to continue northward. Thus all sea traffic must depart to the south and sail around Douglas Island, which blocks the city from the main Inside Passage.

Submitted by, Dr. Lew Deitch

Things to See and Do In Juneau, Alaska
Discover all of the reasons why you should spend your next vacation in one of America’s most beautiful capital cities: Juneau, Alaska. Experience incredible outdoor activities like glacier flightseeing, whale watching, fishing, and kayaking amidst the stunning Alaskan landscape. There’s also a wealth of cultural attractions, including museums, historical sites, art galleries, events, festivals and plenty of local shopping. Find information about Juneau restaurants, hotels and sightseeing tours as well as travel planning tools, itineraries, maps, and more.

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Dr. Lew is a semi-retired professor of geography with over 46 years of teaching experience. During his distinguished career, he directed the Honors Program at Northern Arizona University and developed many programs relating to the study of contemporary world affairs. He is an honors graduate of The University of California, Los Angeles, earned his Master of Arts at The University of Arizona and completed his doctorate in geography at The University of New England in Australia. He consider himself to be a globetrotter, having visited 92 countries on all continents except Antarctica. His primary focus is upon human landscapes, especially such topics as local architecture, foods, clothing and folk music.

He enjoys being in front of an audience, and has spoken to thousands of people at civic and professional organizations.






He has been lecturing on board ships for a five-star cruise line since 2008. He loves to introduce people to exciting new places both by means of presenting vividly illustrated talks and through serving as a tour consultant for ports of call.And I hope readers will find them exciting. He has published several travel companion books to aid prospective travelers by introducing them to the countries to which they wish to visit.

"One of the most popular cruise destinations in the world is the coast of Alaska. Each summer the major cruise lines offer a variety of options for cruising the Inside Passage and continuing on to Anchorage. Twice a year there are repositioning cruises when ships are moved either to Alaska in the spring from Southeast Asia and again in the autumn when ships return to cruise South East Asia. These cruises continue on past Anchorage and stop in places like Kodiak, Homer and Dutch Harbor in the remote Aleutian Islands. Thus it is possible to sail from Vancouver all the way from Hong Kong or Tokyo to Vancouver in the spring or to Tokyo or Hong Kong in mid autumn. This traveler's companion edition has been produced to provide you with geographic, historic and cultural detail regarding all of the ports of call between Vancouver and the outer Aleutian Islands. Unlike the major guidebooks, it does not provide hotel or restaurant recommendations. This volume offers you a detailed look at what makes Alaska special, and the text is augmented by many of the author's personally taken photographs. You will find Cruising Alaska a valuable companion to read before departing or to take with you to refresh you on each port you will visit."

 - Dr. Lew Deitch

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