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At Alaska Cruises Direct we not only have the largest selection of Alaska Cruises, Land & Sea Vacations and Cruise tours available, we've been there. We know how to show you the great wonders of this land. Our staff is ready to share their expertise with you. You can shop online and compare itineraries, ships and sailing dates from four major-brand cruise lines that have 96% of all Alaska Cruise and Tours. So, if you want to see more, learn more and experience a more memorable side of Alaska, call us, speak to a knowledgeable Certified Alaska Cruise Expert and ask all the questions, find out all the details. Call us at 800.365.1445. The call is free, as so is the advice.


Working with a Certified Alaska Vacation Planner can save you both time and money!


Chances are you've spent countless hours, days, or perhaps weeks trying to plan a vacation on your own, that's at a price you can afford? We’ve been there and done that! And, when you finally have your vacation plans in hand, your not quite done. Now, you may need to choose form a myriad of onboard activities, shore excursions land tours and more. The entire process for some can be frustrating and seem overwhelming.

Here's why talking with a real person, a Certified Alaska Vacation Planner, will take the stress out of your vacation planning process.

Are the services of a Certified Alaska Vacation Planner worth it? You bet it is!

You see, we don't charge any agency fees to book, change, or cancel your cruise or tour. Meaning we help you create a cruise vacation curated just to you – for free! Of course, cruise line imposed fees, for booking, cancellations, and changes may occur.

What are some benefits of working with a Certified Alaska Vacation Planner?

Better. More affordable. Cruise deals.

Planning your cruise vacation with a Certified Alaska Vacation Planner will ensure that you get the best service at an affordable price.

Why spend hours searching the web for the best deal when your Certified Alaska Vacation Planner already knows all about them. Our job is to provide you with options that offer the most affordable and budget-fitting vacation possible. Our Certified Alaska Vacation Planners even have exclusive cruise vacation deals and prices that you can't find anywhere else! Check out some of the amazing deals for Alaska cruising here.

Experience, education and expertise
Our Certified Alaska Vacation Planners go above and beyond, providing that "been there, done that" experience, education and expertise, cruise line call centers and others don't. Our staff handles and/or gives advice for every aspect of your trip – from ground transportation to shore excursions, and more! Working with a Certified Alaska Vacation Planner makes your trip experience that much better.

More that just basic destination knowledge. A whole lot more!
When it’s time to start thinking about an Alaska vacation, we can help you decide on the best destinations, ports of call and share ideas based on your interests, and what is affordable. Our Certified Alaska Vacation Planners are real " Insiders", and will review the cruises, land tours, wilderness lodges, rail, and more. They can help you pick the cruise line, land tours and itinerary that best suits your interests.

Our Certified Alaska Vacation Planners have traveled the Inside Passage, cruised the Gulf of Alaska and explored interior Alaska, including Denali National Park many times - so you will be working with a Certified Alaska Vacation Planner who has experienced Alaska firsthand!

Real Helpful People, Not Call Center Operators!
When you work with a Certified Alaska Vacation Planner, you’re speaking with an experienced professional, who is assigned to you through out the process. Unlike the cruise line call center, when you never get the same person twice. And, the cruise line operator only has the cruise line interests in mind, not yours.

Working with a Certified Alaska Vacation Planner can help make your travel plans better. Better than you ever could on your own.


But don't just take our word for it. Read what our guests, over the last 20 years, have to say about it.

What are the greatest success stories; those we learn from our guests, as they share their experiences with you. Read what we have done for our Guests, where they were totally awed. Why do people constantly compliment us on or ask for assistance from our Certified Alaska Cruise Travel Experts? You'll find the answers to these and other questions here. We're celebrating 20 years of personal service, so we have many more happy guests than we have room here to list. Call us at 800.365.1445 and we'll share both our own experiences and those of our guests to help you plan your Alaska vacation.

Alaskans suggest: "Take a cruise first," says Jennifer Thompson of the Alaska Travel Industry Association. "We have 11/2 million visitors a year, and 900,000 of them come on cruise ships. It's a phenomenal way to introduce yourself to Alaska. Wildlife, glaciers, majestic mountains. It's all there".

" "We arrived back early am on Sunday morning from our 2 week adventure in Alaska. It was a spectacular trip and Bernie, Tom and I had a great time on both portions of the tour! Certainly the highlights for me on the land portion was the Wilderness Tour of Denali Nat'l Park, although it was affected by rain nevertheless we got the chance to see all the major animals particularly the Moose right along the train tracks & a Black Bear Mother with her two cubs having fun wrestling with each other. Another major highlight of the land tour was the clear view of Mt. McKinley for our 2 1/2/ day visit there. I cancelled one excursion in order to take a fight up to the mountain with simply marvelous views of the Denali itself and the mountain ranges darting out from it. We also experienced a wealth of information about the native history & heritage of the ancient tribes as well as witnessing the winter challenges and joys of life in general on the frontier. On a whale excursion taken while we were cruising we witnessed humpback whales right next to our ship as well as nesting eagles on an isolated point just a hundred yards or so from the boat. The Diamond Princess exceeded all of our expectations and Tom & Bernie were suitably impressed for their first cruise experience provided by Princess. Raye, thank you so much for all your knowledgeable advice, timely reminders, patience and support in the planning & decision-making process for the entire trip. The entire experience ranks among the very best vacations that any of us have taken. Wishing you the best this summer and with deep gratitude for everything" - Ken & Judy Conner "

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" Raye, We had a wonderful time on our vacation. The cruise was fantastic. The service, the food and the entertainment was great. We had great weather at all of our stops. We did the Lumberjack show in Ketchikan which was very entertaining and enjoyed by all of us. In Juneau we did the Mt. Robert's Tram, a whale watch and the Mendenhall Glacier. All three excursions were great. In Skagway we did the White Pass Railroad which was fantastic. My nine year old granddaughter stood on the platform of the train, with her father, and just kept saying how beautiful Alaska is...The land tour was very nice. The lodges were all beautiful... The Kenai lodge was really nice but very spread out. They did have a shuttle service that would take you any where on the property. The rooms at the Kenai lodge were our favorite. The rooms were very large and they all had a wood stove and a deck... We enjoyed our trip to Seward. The Sea Life Center was great. Seward was very busy because of the holiday weekend and the Mt. Marathon race that took place on the 4th. Mt. McKinley lodge was my favorite. We took your advice and went to the fire pits. The restaurant we ate at was good. The trails around the property were closed because of bear sightings. We took the first shuttle to Talkeetna the next day. That was an interesting little town. I had to try the Fireweed ice cream that was very good. We enjoyed the train ride to Denali. We did see a moose. The Denali lodge was very nice. We took your advice again and went to the Husky Homestead. My granddaughters loved that excursion. Jeff King is such a great speaker. I am sure we will all follow the Iditarod next year. The Natural History Tour of Denali was good. We had a great driver. Our tour had to be modified because of a young bear in the area that had attacked two people. We did get out of the bus one time but we all had to stay together. Park rangers were at the stop making sure no one went on the trails. We saw a moose eating on the side of the road and one caribou. We did like the dining shuttle at the Denali lodge. We found that all of the Princess lodges seem to have pretty much the same menu so it was time for a change. The Fairbanks Lodge was really nice. We took the shuttle into town and spent some time exploring. The Riverboat Discovery and Gold Dredge 8 were great. On Saturday we took a shuttle to North Pole and then spent a few hours at Pioneer Park before getting our flight home. The best part of the land tour was not having to handle our luggage. We even checked our luggage, for our flight home, at the lodge in Fairbanks and got our boarding passes. We had reserved rental cars in Fairbanks for our last day but ended up canceling them when we found out we didn't need to take our luggage to the airport. It was cheaper to take a shuttle where we wanted to go. It was a wonderful trip and we all enjoyed every minute of it. The two weeks went by so quickly. Thank you for all your help and making it so easy to book this vacation. - Phyllis Phoenix"

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" "Late last night, Pat and I returned from an 11 day trip to Alaska. Truly The Last Frontier. We had the pleasure of traveling with 6 of our very dear and close friends, Mike & Susie, Ron & Rachel and Craig & Diane. We saw incredible scenery, moose, mountain sheep and goats, humpback whales, dolphins, and a wolf. We examined Mt. McKinley up close and personal in a small airplane. We watched in awe the calving of the immense glaciers in Glacier Bay. The weather was absolutely beautiful. As can be seen in the picture, we are now a part of the 30% of visitors who actually get to see "The Mountain--Denali--Mt. McKinley". Raye, your planning was perfect--we had no problems whatsoever. We thanked you several times throughout our trip for suggesting we do the land portion first, followed by a restful 7 days on the ship. I've attached a picture of the 8 of us standing in front of "The Mountain", [Mt. McKinley] which on that day looked like a movie backdrop--drawn to perfection and beautiful beyond words! Again Raye, thank you so much for helping to make our trip unforgettable! - Walt Stout "

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" " Our trip was excellent. The room, with the upgrades, was amazing! We saw many eagles (bald and golden), one bear, many whales, including one breach, seals, one bear, one wolf, moose and carribou, and many smaller animals.. If we travelled during salmon run, we probably would have seen more bear and eagles. The scenery is to die for, the vistas spectacular. The ship was great; service, food, etc were all great. Thanks for everything. " - Larry Seidler - Island Princess"

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